My First…

I have not done this before. I have always written a journal periodically but I have never blogged. I don’t quite know how this works or what I will write but I think I need to share my heart.

ImageSo this is the first of what I hope will be many thoughts and heart felt shared moments but to start here is a little about this daughter of God…

Eldest daughter of an only child, who was the son of an eldest daughter.

Favorite person and greatest hero, my Nana. Miss her smile and how she loved me.

Beautiful Mama & one little sister, my Tiddles, love to pieces, hehe!

School plus college…difficult but didn’t do to bad.

Swimmer, competitive, good at this.

A few different jobs, being a Mary Poppins was best.

Failed relationship results in a son, my sunshine.

Accept my Heavenly Father’s promise of life.

New relationship results in a move to Scotland and three more rays of sunshine.

Aspergers enters our vocabulary.

A chance to go deeper with my Savior at Bible College.

Dream come true, move to the seaside.

Gift given and a judge lets her be my fifth ray of sunshine.

Life doesn’t alway go the way we choose…

…and things in my life change direction.

Heart break takes me even deeper into to heaven’s secrets.

My God is faithful and another dream begins to dawn.

Creative heart shines through a lens...

…and doors start to open.


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